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viewrHey guys… its been a long week(and 8 theory periods tomo….yawn)okay here’s the deal….i kinda tot it wud be boring if i keep writing and…um…so here’s Fifa(a.k.a tops :p ) writing a spl section called “The Female Perspective” coz u know…might by chance help hopeless guys….and as Ron says”u should write a book Hermoine…”weird things girls do so that guys can understand them””…and ya ppl…JUS IN CASE ANY1 WANTS TO WRITE  na ur damn welcome…so upto u to think of topics u like andpost it …. ll help…and yea tot it ll be better if u kno we have all our stuff together rather than puttin it up in diff blogs…so tht it ll be easier to read if its all in one place….so jus get into touch with me….and here’s wat she has to say:(and yea…she s a girl…so the viewer discretion picture :P…and the category name-Pink power(bleh!! :p…sorry yar..had to rub it in 😛 )


This is precisely why guys fail to understand the female perspective. As a joke haha for pointing out that Edward is rolling in gold and has klller looks. But jokes aside the serious point you are missing out on is that the reason girls like this perfect Edward Cullen isn’t because of his Porsche but his other qualities that guys gloss over but that scream with flashing lights at girls: he is completely dependable, totally trustworthy and the kind of guy that makes girls feel secure. If you’re going out with him, you don’t have to be constantly questioning whether you’re a default option, whether he really likes you, if he would accept your flaws or if you have to be on your toes to keep bringing something new to the relationship so he doesn’t get bored. Not all girls may like to fall in love the way Edward and Bella did but one thing I do want out of a relationship that many guys do not offer is familiarity. How long can guys and girls be best friends before the guy decides suddenly that he is ‘in love’ with you and begins to plan the rest of your lives together? Presumptuous. I mean guys come on! Don’t take yourself so seriously! And how much respect are girls given? Oooh guys get majorly offended if they are rejected even if they are acquainted with the girl they are asking out for just a few months. Then normally, they take two routes: either they stalk you and totally freak you out; or they stalk all the guys you talk to. Creepy either way. And speaking of respect we come to the possessive kind of guys. So here you are in a happy relationship – girlfriend and boyfriend. And the girlfriend has guy friends she talks to – whom she may even be close friends with. Beware the green eyes then because they always flash dangerously. In which case, guys, either the relationship isn’t serious enough to warrant trust both ways or you’re just being silly. Hello! The girlfriend is not a caged canary that is solely yours till you choose to let her out when you decide you want a different breed. If your relationship is serious enough then trust her. Trust her to be honest and give her the respect she deserves. Otherwise there’s no point of you two being together.
No offence but guys you have a long way to groom yourselves into a perfect man! If girls live in a world of fantasy why can’t u guys be the one to fulfill their dreams? Its after all for the one you love the most! 🙂

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Konvicts’s Side of things:

“How To Satisfy A Woman Every Time:Caress, praise, pamper, relish, savour, massage, fix things, empathise, serenade, compliment, support,feed, soothe, tantalise, humour, placate, stimulate,stroke, console, hug, ignore fat bits, cuddle, excite,pacify, protect, phone, anticipate, smooch,nuzzle,forgive, accessorise, entertain, charm, carry for,oblige, fascinate, attend to, trust, defend, clothe,brag about, sanctify, acknowledge, spoil, embrace,die for, dream of, tease, gratify, squeeze, indulge,idolize,worship.
How To Satisfy A Man Every Time:Arrive naked.period….(kiddin allright…but its kinda true :p )”

Mmm….thinkin from the guys point…there are jus 3 things tht matter to us:1.F*ck us   2.Feed us  3.Dont yell at us…..and women….u sure do have a loong way to go :p

Yeah yeah…aah….gethu post…loved reading it 🙂 …. Fifa’s done an amazing job…to keep it real short lemme show u 2 pics: