These are dark times….

Hey!! its been so long since i ve blogged…and yes yes…results are out…between all the screaming of “wtf where are the results on the anna univ homepage” or the more hopeful “re-valuation procedures”…i guess we’ve seen seen it all…people failing…people scoring low…and the cliched “when u think it cant go lower…it does”… i get the feeling that u can be fucked big time…no…not coz u failed an exam…its all in the AFTERMATH…here are my reasons/observations about stuff that generally happens….

1.u scored lower than last time….in most houses(again..generalization) parents give children “the look”.”The look” is a very successful and scheming strategy ;) can convey anything from “i expected better from u” ,”i work soo hard for you all my life and this is all i get” to the less subtle “ur dumb”,”i dont wanna see u now”,”is that all you can do??” and the more humiliating “ur not gonna make it big in life”..

2.Wat that accomplishes is : u really start wondering if u can make it big…u ve screwed up…no matter how much u work u feel that results aren’t coming ur way…and ur genereally depressed looking at the 0.34 ur friend scored over you and there is this feeling that “God…we have only 2 years left…wat am i gonna f*ing do”…

3.Ur friends buy gre books or (and) join classes 😀 (my friends did 🙂 and i think its good that they ve done so )…but the trick here is…u tend to feel”wat am i doing…im jus wasting time doing NOTHIIINNNG(emphasis not added :p )”…sometimes…this can get to u and u tend to join the same classes and do stuff that u actually dont have the heart to do

4.We’ve all said this atleast 10 times…”Anna university engg sucks…corrections sucks…i hate studying…mugging…no concepts” Agreed…this sucks…given an option i wudve taken some other course…too bad we cant change time…yes we all say”given an option i would drop out of college”…none of us guys(the sane ones ie) actually do it…so…we gotto jus deal with it

5.Heard another student in St.Joseph committed suicide over marks…Im not sure…but hey its St.Joseph 😉 (no offence meant guys…but ur coll is b*ll shit)…This is dead serious…u freak out and give up and die jus for the sake of marks??? …its a very sensitive topic and…hey…this is someone our age…jus think about that for a second

6.Depression??? for a person who’s life is entirely a result of  his gpa ( or the lack of  it)…life is gonna suck…the most irritating thing that can happen is giving out results on the opening day of college(only to be removed in 2 hours)…its the saddest thing that can happen…and my heart goes to all of u who think “nalla start ra sem ku “…kudos to ravi who said “I wanna do everything b4 sem results” 😀 (btw did u 😉 )

7.Confusion-self explanatory 😀

8.Relationships…well again…each person has his own “stuff(happiness,sorrows and umm…stuff :p )”…i guess its safe to leave this at “to each..his own”

Yes…there are a lot of thing that can go wrong…at all parts of life…and i believe in me controlling my actions and not reacting to watever happens to me….i get frustrated…extremely pissed at times…and  sometimes everything overwhelms us…but its these experiences that shape us right??

It’s hard to look at “Rocky Balboa” or the “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul” without any skepticism …but i guess every one needs a hero…the only thing that keeps us all going…”if vijay can act after sura….” i have a chance afterall :p

Leave ur comments…sure would love to hear wat u guys think about it 🙂


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  1. Perfect analysis :P!!! nice one 🙂 do blog frequently 🙂

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