Blog-I missed U like hell ;)

Linkin Park LogoThis post is totally dedicated to Linkin Park….The band totally totally rocks…the kind of innovation they bring about is amazzing…jus look at their logo..i mean…i seriously gotto learn designing from them…the kinda classy stuff the bring out totally rox….i play them on my stereo and mum gives me this look “ayo my son has gone mad”…esp when Chester screams “Tell me wtf is wrong….with me “(okay…this song shouldnt be played publicaa)….and the main reason i looove LP is the fact tht i can totally relate to their songs….

1.After Bunking class-“Im BREAKIN D HABIT…tonight” :p

2.During EEE class-“I wanna RUNAWAY and never say goodbye”

3.After performing “Getha” in 2 math ut’s-“I ve GIVEN UP”(the up goes like….uuuuupppppp..chester screaming again)

4.During DS-“Somewhere i belong”

5.At the end of day….when i ve not bunked-“Takes me ONE STEP CLOSER to the edge…and im about to break”

6.Submission of Records…when i ve almost completed it and mam says “ll correct it next week”-“IN THE END…i tried sooo hard and got soo far…But in the end it doesnt even matter” :p…okay i dint try “sooo” hard

7.After getting Ut marks-“What I ve done” :p

8.After getting fouled while playing footy-“I ve become so NUMB”

9.Looking at my class nerd gang-“Across…This New Divide” :p

10.Before going to exam hall-“Its Easier To run”

and there are ..lots more…..a hell lot of feeling songs…like “In Pieces”(the lyrics are amazing….right up der with Akon’s Right now) and “The Little Things give u away”(the name of the song mus give u an idea….it rox again)and “Pushing me Away” and stuff like “Crawling”(“this lack of self control i fear is never ending”……..sama senti song)… I mean…these guys are so classy….and stuff like “Wat ive done”(the video is totally awesome) and THe New Divide(amaazzing animation)


These Guys make me feel…make me happy….lighten me up when im sad…help me see the larger picture(In the end…its doesnt even matter….)…Jus check out the video of “The new Divide”…

And Yeah…LP for life

The band used to practise in a park named “Lincoln Park” when it was like just another stupid music freak gang…and when they came out to register a domain name on the web they dint get it coz lincoln coz it was taken…Hence the name Linkin park…so Music freaks…freak out…watch the movie “School of Rock”(amazing movie)…if it comes down to one thing its -PASSION

Lovin every moment of my life….adios…and hope ur all doing real great



  1. LP forever 🙂 . . .They simply rock 🙂

  2. gethu blog da… 2 thumbs up … 😉

  3. beautiful sync u just expressed wats in the minds of hardcore lp fans!!!

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